Factory Departments

Western pharmaceutical industries

Western is composed of 4 floors :

Ground floor This includes :

  • Plant manager office
  • the research and development department c- the registration department
  • Purchasing department e- Human resource department
  • f- Stores

First floor   This includes:

  • Liquid production
  • packaging
  • Raw material store

Second floor This includes:

Solid and semi- solid production area

Third floor  This includes :

  • store
  • lockers entrance

The Roof This includes :

  • Deionized water station
  • Cafeteria
  • Workshop
  • Utilities

All our production machines and all our laboratory machines are from European origin . Western Pharmaceutical Industries has 76 items and 35 products under registertion that will cover a vast therapeutic area…depending on a statistical study and a market study for what patients would need. The factory has successfully working production lines , represented as Solid , Semi-Solid , Liquid and Sachet production lines. This helps more coverage for more therapeutic areas and always being ready for updated dosage forms.



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