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Our approach for medication and therapy was always greatly related more to naturaceutical view more than just a pharmaceutical one , for mother nature always has more to give . this can be clearly seen in most of our products .

Our special care for special patients

In order to make the patient’s life easier and of better quality we’re always busy trying to provide special care for special categories .

We believe in special care for special patients and that’s why we supply them with special products.
Bestra-Tec , which supplies a safe treatment for reproductive cough , irritative cough and bronchitis even for infants , with no side effects , being composed of natural products like liquorice. Also Hi seas ( cod liver oil ) supplied in the most suitable dosage form and taste .

For pregnant women International Medical Guide ( IMG ) has paid more attention , supplying Meclodoxine which is the safest anti-emetic drug that can be used during pregnancy. Other anti-emetic drugs are usually not allowed to be administered during pregnancy due to hazard of congenital anomalies, but Meclodoxine was proven to be safe , thus preferred by most Gynecologists .

Not only used by pregnant women but also used with patients suffering from emesis with radiotherapy and motion sickness , benign positional vertigo , Meniere’s disease and labyrinthitis.

Now talking about a Fountain Of Youth , we proudly present Biogra , a breakthrough for IMG . Biogra contains the most important testosterone precursors , resembling the most scientifically advanced libido products marketed today in the USA only with no side effects known.

Our most special reward came in the form of Fattache’ , the fat magnet  ,  for those who suffer from obesity. Fattache’ energizes and helps to safely lose weight , where obesity is a major public health concern with stroke , heart diseases ,  type II diabeted , vascular diseases , and certain types of cancer
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