The Most Powerful Step : -

Is Opening Our Factory "" Western Pharmaceutical Industries "" At

Al Obour Industerial City.

The Difference Of Winners And Loosers Is Time management
Dr. Ahmed Khalil


Western pharmaceutical industries is proud to introduce itself as a company with a history that belongs to years of action and growth with our first seed ; International Medical Guide. Backed by more than 10 years of experience in the field , and dealing with pharmaceutical and naturaceutical products , we have been able to reach the point where we can have our own drug factory.

            Our Starting Point International Medical Guide

Liverin-Biogra-Evaculax-Digest eze-Propolis Lozenges-Vitamins For Your Hair-Nutrition For Your Hair

2nd Step

Bestra tech -Calmimix-Fattache'- Forte Seas- Meclodoxine-
High Seas-Dermopharm.